VRIKS video library services are a central console for internal and external knowledge management of video and audio material with diverse flexible fields of application. Everything is centrally available and can be flexibly made available publicly or internally. Tags and a data base in the background ensure a comfortable search function and the ability to filter. Links, similarly to a wiki, add to the knowledge management.

The video librarian takes your existing video material, whether from research or conferences, for instruction or promotion purposes, and makes it available on a platform. The videos will be sorted by preset or fixed categories and depicted in the manner of a library. A set of quality criteria (for image, sound and content) guarantees a consistently high standard of the video library.

Each video library is fully searchable. The search results can be filtered based on tags, categories, length of the video, publication date, author, rating, etc.

Who can see which videos, is up to you: while internal training videos are only visible for employees, small tutorials on your subject area are publicly available. Additionally, you can open separate channels for different fields or departments.

The videos can be directly viewed in the integrated player. In future, it will be possible to add supplementary material (scripts, slides, etc.) to be presented in a defined section of the player.

User can rate the quality of a video, comment on them and add tags. Exact to the second, they can refer to internal (other videos, also own comments) and external (e. g. YouTube, websites, documents) sources. A list of bookmarks and a history of viewed videos provides orientation.

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