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How many hours of video material do you have? You cannot use, what you cannot find. Place and present your videos in a library.

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analog-to-digital conversion
You are not sure where to find your videos? Stacks of old DVDs or even VHS cassettes in your basement? "Do It All" video services help you figure that out.


Save your time and find! "Keep Me" video libraries collect, sort and categorize all your video ressources and gives you access from anywhere.


Use your videos easily and quickly for social media or directly. You can use "Show Me" video catalogues for online compilations of short videos.



analog-to-digital conversion

Uploading your newest video material directly into the „Keep Me“ video library seems easy. Though, how about the rest from earlier years? Likely, it is stored on external hard drives, DVDs, or even VHS; more or less well organized. Draw on all resources and make your videos from the pre-digital era accessible! How so? With the help of VRIKS “Do It ALL” video services: We come to see you at your company, office or home and look through your stock together. You decide, which material will be digitalized and we take care of the rest (Pick-Up Service). Of course, we do not restrict our services to videos. We also digitalize audio data and pictures for you. Large amounts of documents to be scanned, will be handled by one of our partners. Shortly afterwards (depending on the volume of material), you get access to your personal “Keep Me” video library with all your data. That way, you migrate your video material from the basement directly into the cloud.

video libraries

Save the time of searching! Once established, the "Keep Me" video library allows you to manage all your video resources easily and efficiently. By means of categories, keywords and an index of persons you immediately find the relevant video, as well as the correct position within the video. Your personal video library is cloud-based. Thus, it is available any time and on any device. Never again miss a video!

digital distribution of videos

Use your video material manifoldly and safely! You assign the rights and define who can see which content. Use download links to make individual videos available to a larger audience. By choosing the option of a permalink, the link remains available long-term, making the video fit for citation. Social media channels can be equipped directly from the library. For customized presentation, integrate your own “Show Me” video catalogue with short videos and additional material (text, pictures, agenda, etc.) into your website. Fill the catalogue with pre-views of videos subject to charge (E-Learning) or provide event-catalogues for conferences or seminars with short speaker statements.

Why digital Video Libraries?

In the early years of the internet simple pieces of information were exchanged. Text, audio and finally also visual material followed. Different components contributed to the triumph of moving image within the last couple of years: The internet connects not only stationary computers but also people (via smartphone) as well as smart speakers and home appliances, such as TVs. Rapidly growing storage capacities for decreasing costs allow medial diversity and therewith the increased use of video for knowledge transfer and exchange. Cheap mobile contracts with large data packages make it possible to watch videos wherever. The applications for video are manifold and