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What are videolibraries as-a-service?

VRIKS video library services are a central console for internal and external knowledge management of video and audio material with diverse flexible fields of application. Everything is centrally available and can be flexibly made available publicly or internally. Tags and a data base in the background ensure a comfortable search function and the ability to filter. Links, similarly to a wiki, add to the knowledge management.

Videolibrary-as-a-Service (VaaS)


Collect all your Videos and upload them to VRIKS.


Sort your videos according to your criteria of choice.


Categorize your videos bibliographically.


Use advanced filters to quickly find what you are looking for.


Enable your employees and customers to watch your content anytime, anywhere and on all devices.

Archive & Cloud

Your videos will always be save with us.

In the early years of the internet simple pieces of information were exchanged. Text, audio and finally also visual material followed. Different components contributed to the triumph of moving image within the last couple of years: The internet connects not only stationary computers but also people (via smartphone) as well as smart speakers and home appliances, such as TVs. Rapidly growing storage capacities for decreasing costs allow medial diversity and therewith the increased use of video for knowledge transfer and exchange. Cheap mobile contracts with large data packages make it possible to watch videos wherever. The applications for video are manifold and we are not even close to exhausting them, yet – the resulting data volume is incredible large. How to stay on top of things?